Here are some of the must watch Vintage Anime!

When people talk about “Anime Classics”, they will usually name some of the most popular anime from the 90s, or sometimes as early as the 00s. While the 90s started what I personally refer to as the “anime boom”, when anime and manga became more well known worldwide, anime is almost as old as animationContinue reading “Here are some of the must watch Vintage Anime!”

SOME of the best Shonen titles!

Shonen, one of the most popular genre of anime. Mostly known for its fight scenes, Shonen anime has more than what meets the eye. Like our list? Didn’t see your favorite? Comment below and let Anime Gem know! Anime Gem tries to find different anime for every list we make, so if you don’t seeContinue reading “SOME of the best Shonen titles!”

Here are 10 of the best shoujo titles!

You might think that because a series is aimed towards young girls it might be overally cute with no real substance, but that isn’t the case with these series! Shoujo anime, which can translate roughly into “Girl’s anime”, is one of the most popular genres in the medium, for both boys and girls. Like ourContinue reading “Here are 10 of the best shoujo titles!”

What are some of the best “Vintage” anime?

When people talk about “anime classics”, they rarely mention anything made before the late 80s. But anime has been a mainstream artform since the 60s, and some of the most influence anime came way before the 90s classics that are often praised. What are some of your favorites? Comment below or on our social mediaContinue reading “What are some of the best “Vintage” anime?”